At HARI Acupuncture we treat different ailments, applying our experience and taking maximum care of the person we treat. We mainly use acupuncture.

Our acupuncture style is of Japanese influence: it is applied gently with thinner needles than usual, being equally effective.

We also practice other Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques such as Herbal Medicine (customized plants formulas), Moxibustion (using the heat of the combustion of the Artemis plant in certain acupoints, always applied in a gentle and pleasant way). We make Diet recommendations adapted to each person’s needs, considering the symptoms and conditions in each case.

We have specialized in Gynecology and Fertility, both natural fertility and assisted reproductive technologies support (IVF-In Vitro Fertilization, IUI-Intrauterine Insemination…).

We assist during different stages of fertility processes to optimize the aimed results. We also minimize some treatments side effects and reduce stress.

For me, the experience has been very, very positive. From the beginning I have felt very accompanied and cared for. In the process of becoming a mother, you can feel, at times, very vulnerable ... Xelo's warmth and closeness is greatly apprec...


I already liked Acupuncture. But having it with Ana is something else. Her empathy and involvement are worth gold. Healing requires a vocation like hers.


I am 45 years old. I had been trying to get pregnant naturally for 3 years and finally decided to go to a fertility clinic. I started doing acupuncture with Xelo, I knew friends who had done therapy with her and it had worked very well for th...


Xelo is an excellent professional. If it is necessary to do 73Km to visit her, we will do them again the day we want Aniol to have a little brother or sister. Thanks Xelo !!

Esther and Marta

Xelo has accompanied me with acupuncture sessions during IVF treatments, two pregnancies and the preparation for childbirth. She always knew what I or my body needed at all times, helping me to get pregnant on the first IVF attempt.



A friend of mine recommended me Ana, from the first day I felt very comfortable. We did some sessions to prepare the In Vitros and, later, to prepare for the childbirth. I am totally convinced that they were a great help throughout the proces...


I have been with Ana for more than a year doing acupuncture sessions. I wanted support in the fertility treatment process. And here I am, pregnant and happy to continue receiving help for the next stage. For me it was a blessing and luck to f...


Dear Xelo, I had never done acupuncture before meeting you and I went to your office because I was preparing for IVF. Thank you for gently holding my hand helping me to listen to my body, love me and take care of me.

Ana has a magic touch when it comes to conducting the sessions. She is warm, understanding and super respectful. At all times she has made me feel accompanied, and I have noticed that she really cares about understanding why you are going to ...


Ana is pure calm and positivism, ideal for the entire IVF process that I experienced. She knows how to find the exact word and gesture at any time during the treatment. The power of acupuncture helped me get 2 positive betas, one did not cont...


Xelo Esteve
Ana Algarra



How to get here?

L3 Metro. Vallcarca stop
L7 FGC-Ferrocarrils.
Avda. Tibidabo stop
Ronda de Dalt Exit 6